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NOTE - this is a work in progress.  At some point I hope to list all sets that have been released starting in 2008 with links for the ones I did write ups for.  The section for BBM's "flagship" sets is more detailed than the other listings will be.

BBM "Flagship" sets

Year Set Size Cards Per Team Subsets Inserts Team Checklist Theme
1991 Regular 399 30 Leaders, Nostalgic StarsTeam Logo Holograms No team cards
1992 Regular 498 35 Leaders, Nostalgic Stars, Stadiums, Combination Cards, ON Special, League Officials Player Holograms Team Logos
1993 Regular 498 35 Leaders, Affluent Nineteen, Nostalgic Stars, Nagashima Special, Combination Cards, Murakami MemoriesTeam Logo Holograms Team Logos
1994 Regular 608 42 Leaders, Nostalgic Stars, Combination CardsPlayer Holograms, Sluggers Team Logos
1995 Regular 651 42 Leaders, Unbreakable Records, Then And Now, Ichiro Puzzle, Hideki Matsui puzzle, Hideki Irabu puzzle, Combination CardsAll Around Players Mascots or Team Logos
1996 Regular 655 42 Leaders, 95 Record Breakers; 10 Best Hitters, 10 Best Pitchers, Masaaki Saitoh Puzzle, Akira Etoh puzzle, Nostalgic Special, BBM 50th Anniversary, Freetime, Combo cardsMagic Motion Oendan Sections
1997 Regular 573 42 Leaders, Nicknames,  Hot Prospects, Nostalgic Stars, KK Cards Best 9, Rivals Team Logos
1998 Regular 577 42 Leaders, Future Stars, Best 9, 40 Years Of Shukan Baseball Dream Team, Dream Matchups, Baseball's Best 1998 Draft Class
1999 Regular 627 42 Leaders, Future Stars, CL Special Award, Ochiai Special, Best Players Best 9, Dream Team 1999 Draft Class
2000 Regular 632 42 Leaders, Young Hope, Comeback #3 Best 9, Golden Glove, New Face, Rookie Reprint, 90's Best 9 Mascots
2001 Regular 639 42 Leaders, 2000 Memorial Records, Retired Uniform Numbers Best 9, Golden Glove, Prime Time Players Hats
2002 1st Version 439 32 Leaders, 2001 Memorial Records, Japan National Team Best 9, Prime Time Players 2002 Draft Class
2nd Version 428 32 New Wave, 400 Home Run Club, 2001 Retirement Player, Start Dash Golden Glove, Opening Game Player Photos
2003 1st Version 432 32 Leaders, 2002 Retirement Players Best 9, Golden Gloves, Slugger, MVP Spring Training
2nd Version 407 31 New Wave, 2002 Retirement Players Opening Game, 03 Record Achievement, MVP No team cards
2004 1st Version 440 32 Leaders, Up Coming Milestone!, 2003 Retirement Player 2003 Asian Championship, Best 9, Golden Gloves, MVP Spring Training
2nd Version 412 32 Legend Players, Hot Prospects, Ceremonial First Pitch Newcomer, Opening Day Pitchers, Opening Day Cleanup Hitters, Team Captain, MVP Game Winning Celebrations
2005 1st Version 559 42 Leaders, Retirement Players, Legend Players Best 9, Golden Glove, MVP Game Action/Candids
2nd Version 276 9 1st Version Update, Managers, New Wave, The Early Stage Highlights, Interleague Game, First Ball Ceremony, 2005 Record, Interleague Champion and MVP Opening Game Pitchers, Opening Game Hitters, Run!, Fielding!, Team Hero No team cards
2006 1st Version 501 37 Leaders, Retirement Players, Legend Players Best 9, Golden Glove Game Action/Candids
2nd Version 311 16 1st Version Update, Youth Explosion, Cool And Tough, Great Footprint, Ceremonial First Pitch, Interleague Topics Star Of My Team, I Am Ace, Swing For The Win, MVP Game Action/Candids
2007 1st Version 502 37 Leaders, Future Stars, Record Achievers Best 9, Golden Glove, Speed Stars Game Action/Candids
2nd Version 250 16 1st Version Update, Be Aggressive!, For The Ultimate!, Get A Chance!, Ceremonial First Pitch First Impact, Fantastic Heroes 12, Speed Star Game Action/Candids
2008 1st Version 535 37 Leaders, 2007 Impressive Records, 2008 Rookie Of The Year Candidate, Good-by Heroes Best 9, Golden Glove Game Action/Candids
2nd Version 252 16 Title Wars, Breaking Now, Pick up Rookies, Power Of Veteran, Ceremony & First Pitch Team Celebrity, Futurity Stardom Game Action/Candids
2009 1st Version 554 37 Leaders, 2008 Record Making Players, Rookie Of The Year Preview, Game Masters, Trading Team, The Last Appearance Best 9, Golden Glove, Lightning Mascots
2nd Version 255 16 1st Version Update, Team Specialities, Around 20, Craftsmanship, Ceremonial First Pitch Star Of Pitch, Spectacle Game Action/Candids
2010 1st Version 549 37 Leaders, Pick Up Hope, Farewell Heroes, Cross Stream Best 9, Golden Glove, Lightning Mascots
2nd Version 334 19 1st Version Update, 2010 Opening Pitcher, Twin Gem, Ceremonial First Pitch, Cross Stream Hit Makers Pitchers Batting
2011 1st Version 418 28 Leaders, Best 9, Golden Glove, Recommended Hope 2011 Lightning, Golden Age 88 Mascots
2nd Version 311 19 1st Version Update, Young Guns, 2011 Opening Pitcher, Impressive Scene, Ceremonial First Pitch Twin Gem, Regulus Game Action/Candids
2012 1st Version 442 28 Leaders, Best 9, Golden Glove, Cross Blaze Axis Of Team, Rising Rookies, Lightning Game Action/Candids
2nd Version 315 19 1st Version Update, Ceremonial First Pitch, Cross Blaze Twin Gem Early Season Highlights
2013 1st Version 445 28 Leaders, Best 9, Golden Glove, Cross Wind  New Principal, Diamond Rookie, Lightning Mascots
2nd Version 317 19 1st Version Update, Ceremonial First Pitch, People's Honor Award, Cross Wind Strongest, Twin Gem Pitchers Batting
2014 1st Version 409 28 Genuine Ace, Big Slugger, Limitless Hope, Spirit Of The Team, Gods Of Defense, Last Guardian Great Hit Makers, Wonder Rookie, Lightning Mascots
2nd Version 301 19 1st Version Update, Ceremonial First Pitch, Birth Of Hero, Power To The Team Binary Star Candids
2015 1st Version 372 28 Cross Plasma Allrounders, Lightning Mascots
2nd Version 312 19 1st Version Update, Ceremonial First Pitch, Cross Plasma Future Legends Post Victory Celebrations
2016 1st Version 372 28 Cross Freeze Infinite Talent, 3D Cross Freeze Training Camp

2nd Version 313 19 1st Version Update, Ceremonial First Pitch, Cross Freeze One And Only Mascots
2017 1st Version 372 28 Cross Squall HyperNOVA, Rookie Reprints, 3D Cross Freeze Training Camp

Some notes - "Cards Per Team" is the number of "regular" player cards plus the manager and team checklist (if either are included).  Information for sets 2007 and prior was mostly derived from Engel.  For 2008 and later, I relied on either BBM's website or Sports Card Magazine #104.  The insert cards from the Light Packs mentioned by Engel from 2003-2007 are not listed in SCM #104 so there may be Light Pack inserts for post-2007 that are not listed here.

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